See underneath tables for visual representations and further explanation of benefits.


All levels of sponsors will have access to the list of delegates from within the app before, during and after the event

All levels of sponsors will be listed within the Sponsors page of the app under their respective level

All sponsors are featured on the event page which is the first page attendees see when logging in to the app

All Gold Sponsors will receive a push notification at an optimal time during the Summit, or chosen by you

The Activity Stream is the first thing attendees will see when they open the app on. It’s a place where attendees can interact: post their photos, messages, comments and likes, vote in Polls and check out sponsored posts.

Sponsored posts act as an advertising space for Gold Sponsors in the Activity Stream and can include one of the following:

— Banner: The Banner offers a fully customizable post with an image and call-to-action button. 

eCommerce: This allows Gold Sponsors to promote a special discount code or product purchase opportunity.

— App Download: This template enables the promotion of a mobile app that contains direct download links to the App Store and Google Play listing.

— Document Download: Have a file or maybe a sales sheet you want to share?

— Gallery: Add a set of images promoting a product or service, or your exhibitor booth.

— Promoted Session: This post type allows you to highlight a notable session that you want attendees to have more visibility on. 

All Gold Sponsors will receive their own separate Sponsor feature, accessible from the app menu, as opposed to and in addition to being in the list with all other sponsors.

A report provided post event that includes:

— Impressions: How many times the Sponsored Post appeared on an attendee’s screen
— Actions
: How many clicks into the post or Sponsor Profile were generated from the Sponsored Post, and how many times your Sponsors profile was clicked from the dedicated sponsors page from the app menu as well as from within the overall Sponsors page
— Engagement: The impressions divided by the actions, giving you a clear result on how the post performed.