FIS 2021 Agenda

Future Infrastructure Summit 2021 Agenda

Speaking Times in AEDT (Sydney time)

Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Future Infrastructure Summit

This years summit will be delivered virtually via Webcast Cloud, with each session live streamed on demand in 20 min sessions, each session can be joined either live, or at any point throughout the day, and in general our speakers will be available to respond to questions within the comments while their session is live.

If you miss a session you can catch up at any time for free for the next 3 months. 


Note: This is the draft program and as such is subject to change without notice.

8:00 AM

FIS 2021- Welcome to Country

Shane Phillips

Tribal Warrior

FIS2021 - Welcome to FIS

Eric Bugeja
Chair, BuildingSmart Australasia
Ken Panitz
Director, Lean Construction ANZ

Leadership & Government

8:15 AM

2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan

A discussion on: 1. The need for the infrastructure sector to transition from ‘digital by exception’ towards ‘digital by default’ 2. Embracing digital and data can improve infrastructure planning, delivery and operations, particularly in the context of the national COVID recovery 3. The importance of collaborative leadership between government and industry to drive a step-change in productivity and innovation.

Peter Colacino
Infrastructure Australia

8:35 AM

Digital by Default

How BIM/DE/3D Visualisation is Being Used to Deliver Better Outcomes for Designers, Constructors, Operators and Ultimately End Users of Infrastructure

Andrew Curthoys
Cross River Rail / Australian BIM Advisory Board

8:55 AM

Building Blocks for Builders Lean

Unpacking the Current State of the Industry and How to Begin the Shift Toward Your Field Team's Lean Journey

Joe Donarumo & Keyan Zandy
Authors of The Lean Builder

9:35 AM

Removing Productivity Roadblocks in Construction

The record spend in the construction of new infrastructure presents an opportunity to reimagine the construction industry. Current contracting practices for major projects are based on lowest cost which promote an adversarial approach, holding the industry back from realising a $15 billion opportunity. 

Jon Davies
Australian Contractors Assoication

9:55 AM

The Future of Digital Infrastructure Delivery & The Information Experience

We are witnessing unprecedented challenges to project delivery in the midst of ANZ's largest Infrastructure boom. Our project pipeline is at one of the highest levels since the mining boom. The size, scope, budget and overall complexity of infrastructure continues to grow. Now, more than ever, we need to prepare for the enormous amount of data being created to deliver large scale infrastructure projects on time, within budget, safely. Join us to hear insights from forward thinking leaders about the information experience for the future of the digital infrastructure delivery.

Brett Casson

10:15 AM

TfNSW’s Vision for Digital Engineering: The Journey So Far and What’s Next!

Adam Griffiths
Transport for New South Wales

10:35 AM

Bringing an End to Languishing Industry Productivity

Construction productivity worldwide has been flat or declining since 1987 while other industries have improved considerably. We can change it by adopting three widespread practices from other industries. Pursue flow rather than cost reduction or utilization as the key improving measure. Replace scheduling with production system design based on sound theory. And tap the unused human potential in everyone in the construction process for learning and continuous improvement.

Hal Macomber
Lean International

10:55 AM

The Intersection of Innovation: Where Insights, Data & People Connect

Technology is transforming Construction into a modern industry, elevating the quality of life for those doing the work. The winners and losers of construction’s digital transformation will be determined by those who recognize that technology is there to serve people first. However, cultural shifts are only as strong as the alignment of your tech stack to the goal of improving confidence in the accuracy of information gathered, ultimately gaining better business insights. Navigating the intersection of innovation requires a higher level of trust - trust that is only built when you sequence people to processes, with the goal to better define how technology is integrated and applied. 

Sasha Reed

Infrastructure Delivery & Smart Cities

11:15 AM

A North American Perspective on BIM Standards Adoption

Learn about recent initiatives driving BIM adoption at the national level in the US, and how they might impact the future of global BIM standards adoption.  Is it possible to adopt BIM without a national mandate? Listen in to find out!

Nathan Wood, Jeffrey W. Ouellette , Anil Sawhney
Spectrum AEC

11:45 AM

The NSW Spatial Digital Twin

How The NSW Spatial Digital Twin delivers 3D & 4D digital spatial data and models of our built and natural environments to improve community infrastructure planning.

Wayne Patterson
Spatial Services NSW

12:05 PM

The Digital Twin Challenge: Less talk, More Market Making

In August 2021 17 cross sector organisations set off on a 18 month journey to help create the next generation of knowledge resources to help catalye the Digital Twin market, for Australia and New Zealand.  Thirteen challenges have been set, in the form of projects, that will see more than 50 policy makers, practitioners and academics tackle over an 18 month period. Facilitated by the Smart Cities Council, this collaborative process will involve knowledge sharing, strategic questioning, research and deep stakeholder engagement to deliver 13 products that will be donated to government and industry in October 2022. Join us for a look inside the Digital Twin Challenge

Adam Beck
Smart Cities Council ANZ

12:20 PM

Integrated Digital Delivery

Introducing CIMIC’s digital delivery framework, Integrated Digital Delivery is CIMIC’s approach to Project Data Structure, Active 4D Planning, Intelligent Earthworks and Virtual Construction.​

Ken Panitz & Eric Bugeja

12:40 PM

Digital Asset Lifecycles

Demystifying the Digital Asset Lifecycle:  The What, Why and How

Simon Vaux
DEOS Digital

1 PM

Open BIM - Essential for Major Project Delivery for Cross River Rail

An Insight into being a buildingSMART International Awards Finalist

Mohamed Haddad
Cross River Rail Project, CPB Contractors

1:20 PM

Unprecedented Commitment

How Online Collaborative Planning is Being Used to Deliver Infrastructure Through These Challenging Times (Incl. 6 lockdowns!)

Phil Hendy
Western Program Alliance

1:40 PM

A Digital Rehearsal – A Glimpse of the Future, Real Collaboration on a Modern Construction Project

Find out how a major transport project in Melbourne’s south-east has successfully used 4D digital engineering planning to achieve excellent outcomes on the construction of a rail bridge, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don Cameron
McConnell Dowell

1:55 PM

Connected Cities and Industries in a Hyper-Connected World

How Digital is Future Proofing Our Built Environment Showcasing Local and Global Best Practice Case Studies

Catherine Caruana-McManus
Meshed/IOT Alliance Australia


2:10 PM

Traceability & What Is Required  To Achieve It

Drawing on examples from how other industries are approaching traceability challenges, insights into the traceability framework as a tangible takeaway for the building and construction industry to consider.

Bonnie Ryan
GS1 Australia

2:35 PM

The Role of Data and Digitation in Resolving Systemic Regulatory Issues in the Construction Industry

Systemic failures in the construction industry have led to a drop in consumer confidence and increasing pressure on govt to find effective solutions going forward, whilst supporting consumers to deal with the legacy of decades of poor building outcomes. What did the Building Confidence Report say about the role of data and digitisation in regulatory reform and how are governments responding?

Bronwyn Weir
Weir Legal & Consulting

2:55 PM

IFC 4.3 Technical Update

Interoperability for Civil Infrastructure

Jon Mirtschin
Geometry Gym & buildingSMART Australasia

Diversity, Inclusion & Education

3:15 PM

A Roadmap for More Inclusive Construction: Connecting to Indigenous HistoryA Roadmap for More 

Inclusive Construction

How the Construction Industry Can Integrate Indigenous History More Effectively on Projects.

Shane Phillips
Tribal warrior

3:30 PM

Indigenous Inclusion Within the Construction Industry

Nathan Martin
Yalagan Group

3:50 PM

Women in BIM

Panel Discussion: Building, Growing & Scaling Digital Skills for the Construction Industry.

Rebecca De Cicco
Aurecon / Global Chair of Women in BIM
Jenny Tseng
Mott MacDonald
Belinda Thompson
Rachel Strauss

4:10 PM

Mind the Gap: Digital Engineering Practice and Tertiary Education

How to reconcile the demand for digital engineering competencies in the absence of established tertiary education programs.

Julie Jupp
University of Technology Sydney

Collaborative Delivery, Robotics and Industry 4.0

4:30 PM

Print to World

How This Brisbane Field Robotics Scaleup’s Autonomous Robots Can Enable You to Transfer Your Digital Planning & Simulations to the Real World. 

Jeff Sterling
Universal Field Robotics

4:50 PM

How BIM Transformed Construction

The evolution of BIM tools, their scope of use and skillset of their users. We will discuss how this evolution of BIM technologies transformed the industry and  touch on why we still witness a shortage of BIM Managers today, even while BIM solutions are getting more standardised across all projects.​​

Vlad Milicevic & Duncan Sharpe

5:10 PM


Nicolas Steimmig
Bosch RefinemySite

5:30 PM

Smart Cities, UK Infrastructure and Lessons From Lean Contracts in the Public Sector

Neal Symmons & Derek Drysdale
‘National Highways’ Government Infrastructure Client & former head of Lean Construction Institute UK

5:55 PM

Drive to 30%

 Drive to 30%  Arcadis Highways UK Lean Journeyey

Bárbara Pedó & Stuart Robinson
Arcadis UK

In the drive to enhance customer value and improve service delivery, Arcadis Highways UK has been deploying Lean Construction for the past few years and this is an overview of the journey so-far. Lean Construction is a philosophy that can help companies to remove waste, drive down costs, improve service delivery and as a result increase value for money for customers. With the support of a key customer, National Highways, Arcadis Highways UK has been developing a combined Lean Construction and Digital Data Management approach, which is regarded as essential to meet the current and future challenges in the civil engineering sector, as well as to meet the growing customer expectation of value for money and improved levels of service delivery. The intention of this presentation is to give an overview of the Arcadis Highways UK Lean journey, sharing experiences and lessons learnt.

6:15 PM

Closing Remarks

Ken Panitz, Eric Bugeja, Audrey Flemming, Christina Levinson & Russell Bunn
Future Infrastructure Summit Organising Commitee